GMP CODEX Alimentarius approval

After successfully obtaining the FSMA and BRCS certifications, our company recently passed the SGS strict factory inspection audit and obtained the GMP CODEX Alimentarius certification. It became the first company in the line to pass the certification. It means that our products meet the requirements of the General Code of Food Additive Standards (CAC/RCP-1-1969, Rev.4

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BRCS, FSMA Certificate Approval

In the complex and changeable market environment of the COVID-19 epidemic, our company actively meet market requirements, continuously tapped potential internally, and improved the level of food safety management. Recently, it passed the strict audit of SGS and obtained the BRC and FSMA certification. Become the first in the industry to pass The certified company.

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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Please Click the PDF icon on the left    This is an unprecedented global war, and mankind is facing the same enemy, the novel coronavirus. And the first battlefield is the hospital where our soldiers are the medical workers. To ensure that this war can be won, we must

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