2023 FIC Review

//2023 FIC Review

This was the first FIC exhibition after the epidemic control was liberalized. In the metropolis of Shanghai, where the epidemic seems to be far away, we met ” network friends” that we have either been friends with for a long time or have been working together for years. Although we were still reminded by signs to wear masks, we no longer had to strictly enforce them. We were more willing to take off our masks and meet each other honestly. The sample books we prepared were swept away before the show was over, and some of  samples we had prepared were inadvertently taken by hand. We are glad to see such a result.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the new and old customers who visited our booth. Due to the large number of visitors, it was difficult for us to take good care of every one of you due to the limited energy of our staff, so please bear with us if we did not take good care of you! We apologize for this!

We hope this is a great start to spring 2023 and that we can build a closer relationship through a short face-to-face meeting! We look forward to seeing you again at API CHINA, CPHI CHINA!

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