BRCS, FSMA Certificate Approval

//BRCS, FSMA Certificate Approval

In the complex and changeable market environment of the COVID-19 epidemic, our company actively meet market requirements, continuously tapped potential internally, and improved the level of food safety management. Recently, it passed the strict audit of SGS and obtained the BRC and FSMA certification. Become the first in the industry to pass The certified company.

This marks that our company has received another ticket to enter the markets of developed countries in Europe and America!


BRC certification is the British Retail Consortium (BRC) promulgated the “Global Food Safety Standard for the British Retail Industry” in 1998, which comprehensively regulates the safety standards of food and food packaging sold in the UK. With the business globalization of the British retail industry, the BRC standard became a mandatory food safety standard in the UK on July 1, 2005. At present, the BRC standard has also been recognized and adopted by many countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and North and South America. Currently all over the world, more than 12,000 suppliers have obtained BRC certification in more than 80 countries.
BRC provides a complete set of food safety certification standards, covering food factories, packaging material production plants, consumer goods production plants, and storage and wholesale services.


In September 2015, the US FDA’s Food Safety Modern Act (FSMA) was formally implemented. By further strengthening food safety and paying more attention to the prevention of food safety issues to better protect public health.

FDA has developed a third-party certification and accreditation program to ensure that the safety of imported food is strengthened. NSF, as a certification body, is accredited by an accreditation body authorized by the FDA to implement the FDA’s “Voluntary Qualified Importer Program” (VQIP) for foreign suppliers’ qualifications and compliance with the requirements of the “Foreign Supplier Verification Program” (FSVP) Relevant regulatory review.

FSMA is the “Food Safety Modern Act”, a series of regulations promulgated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This regulation applies to food companies that manufacture, process and package food products that are sold in the United States, and store human food and animal food, including domestic companies in the United States and companies in other countries and regions. FSMA certification is based on FSMA regulations and other corresponding FDA regulations.

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