BRCS, FSMA Certificate Approval

In the complex and changeable market environment of the COVID-19 epidemic, our company actively meet market requirements, continuously tapped potential internally, and improved the level of food safety management. Recently, it passed the strict audit of SGS and obtained the BRC and FSMA certification. Become the first in the industry to pass The certified company.

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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment Please Click the PDF icon on the left    This is an unprecedented global war, and mankind is facing the same enemy, the novel coronavirus. And the first battlefield is the hospital where our soldiers are the medical workers. To ensure that this war can be won, we must

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New Products Arrival – Choline Hydroxide & Choline Bicarbonate

New Products Arrival!!!! Choline hydroxide Choline Bicarbonate If you have any enquiry about them, please contact with us for details. New web pages included the detailed specification will be under the construction! The above products will be widely used in the health supplement products. Welcome you visit our booth in Supplyside West, the booth No.

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USA-CHINA Trade War Start! How About The Price?

The United States and China each imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of goods from the other country, setting up a trade clash between the world’s two largest economies. Although our products name is not in the list this time, but we think the war will not stop here. The economic expert said the war

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