Environment Protection Inspection Is Back Thrusting!

//Environment Protection Inspection Is Back Thrusting!

During 2017, because of the most strict environment protection inspection in the whole of China, some of factory were shut down and stopped work. It causes the chemical material ‘s price keep the up tendency, and bring us and our customer much difficulty and have to accept the higher price.

Now, maybe some of factory master is rejoice in out of the inspection, and have not been shut down in the last inspection, now they will be fell into the worry now.

The environment protection inspection is back thrusting. We may trust some of “fish” escape from the net will be holded in the hands of goverment.

We purpose every buyer will notice and try to find the new choline and betaine supplier in the line, maybe your supplier is meeting the problem in future. And the price will be keep rising in future also.

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