Have you GMP certificate?

//Have you GMP certificate?

Sorry, We have not.

We well understand that GMP is the necessary certificate in the medicine industry for some countrry.

Without such certificate, the material can not be used in the medicine production.

In the fact, none of Chinese factory dealing in the line have not GMP.

Because our products ‘s main market is USA, and USA will be taken  2/3 of total sales quantity.

But USA has not requirement about GMP.

On the other hand, the GMP will bring the high cost in the investment. The price will be higher.

If other competitor have not the GMP, but the price is lower than us, most of customer will choose them and close the door to us.

So that’s why we have not applied for the GMP certificate.

One of customer ‘s idea may be shared with you. The customer purchase the pharma grade choline from us, but the packing and document showing ” food grade”. It will avoid the strictly control by the local goverment.


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