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Project Description

Hydroxyethyl Urea

Pengbo Biotechnology is the professional hydroxyethyl urea supplier manufacturer and exporter in China. We may offer you the Hydroxyethyl Urea Liquid (assay:≥ 50% ) Crystal (assay:≥ 98%)  for medicine and cosmetic.

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General Information

  • Name: Hydroxyethyl Urea
  • Chemical Name: N-(hydroxyethyl)-Urea
  • CAS Numeber: 2078-71-9 / 1320-51-0
  • EINECS No.: 215-304-0
  • Molecular Formula: C3H8N2O2
  • Molecular Weight:104.11

Physical/Chemical Characteristics

  • Appearance:white crystals
  • Odor:  odorless
  • Bulk Density:  0.6g/mL
  • Melting Point: 92-96℃
  • Solubility:260g/100g water,25℃

Product Specification

  • Assay: min98.0% d.s.
  • pH(10% solution ): 6.0-10.0
  • Loss on dry:max 1.0%
  • Heavy Metals: max0.001%

*Only selected data is represented here, for a full set of specifications we refer to our Specifications sheet.

Product Applications

Hydroxyethyl Urea is characterized by its high purity, processability, and stability,as well as its superior humectant effects in cosmetics and toiletries.It can offering non-tacky, non-greasy feeling and reduce the use of glycerin and siloxane in the formula. Due to excellentmoisturizing effects, It can penetrate the corneous layer, increases skin moisture content, relievedry, fill the fine lines; and through the natural way to keep the water, not only can provide excellentmoisturizing effect, increase the elasticity of the skin, improve product feel do not affect itsviscosity, also it can improve the stability of emulsion system in cold condition.

Product Stability 

In solid form it stable and shows no decomposition.It also stable in weak alkaline or acidic conditions,and suggested pH range of final formulations: 5~8.

Safety and Regulatory 

Complies with European, United States, Canada, Australia/New Zealand, Korea, China, Japan, Brazil and Taiwan cosmetic regulations for use in general cosmetics.

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