USA-CHINA Trade War Start! How About The Price?

//USA-CHINA Trade War Start! How About The Price?

The United States and China each imposed tariffs on $34 billion worth of goods from the other country, setting up a trade clash between the world’s two largest economies.

Although our products name is not in the list this time, but we think the war will not stop here. The economic expert said the war would keep till 2019. So, we think our product name would be in the list finally.

USA take the 2/3 of our sales quantity, and is the most important sales market. The imposed tariffs will bring the difficulty to the sales in future. Our user’s cost will going higher. So the trade war would brought the inflation to USA people without any problem. Just like the Chinese old saying: fight in the battle, kill 1000 enemy, you will loss 800 soldier. The winner is the one who may persevere until the end.

For USA, It is the most large consume market in the world. Nobody will give it up easily, so Trump President think the USA will be the final winner. But China has all of industry line, we may made food, garment, car, household electrical appliances by ourself. even if all of the foreign market close the door to China, and we need not import anything from other country also. That’s ok. We have the problem, but not like Japan or Germany. Without the world market, they will shut down at all.  So that’s why we think the trade war will keep for long time.

However, we think the world war will bring the local chemical products’ price rising in USA, so we strongly propose the Clients from USA may place the order ahead before our product listed on the next traffis punishment document.

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